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Bedroom Bedding Ideas to Make Your Sleep Experience 5-Star Luxury

The bedroom is the place where we spend one-third of our lives. Whether it’s to sleep, read books or watch Netflix, chances are you’re in your bedroom more than any other room in your house. It should be a comfortable space that makes you feel like royalty! We want to share bedroom bedding ideas with you to create a beautiful sleeping experience filled with good bedding ideas and luxurious touches. All these discoveries led us back to one main concept: The best bedroom bedding covers all five layers of the mattress – the top sheet, fitted sheet, mattress pad/protector, comforter/duvet cover, and pillowcases.

Start With A Great Comforter And Duvet

You can’t go wrong with simple white bedroom ideas, as it goes well with any color scheme you choose for your bedroom décor. Another popular idea is ticking stripes – these look great on top of patterned bedding or plain sheets. Stripes are classic and timeless so they’ll never go out of style! If you want something more personalized, we suggest looking at custom bedroom decorating ideas that allow you to create the design that reflects your personality best.

If warmth is what you’re after then flannel bedroom sets will be perfect for your needs (and budget). Flannel sheets and covers retain heat extremely well because their dense material keeps cold air from penetrating. Flannel is super soft too so it’s a definite plus!

If you want to add a bedroom makeover but don’t have the budget for expensive decor, bedroom comforter sets will be perfect. They come in all different styles and patterns so your options are nearly limitless! We love this feature because it allows everyone to find their unique style without breaking the bank. Customize Your Bedroom:

  • Choose one color or pattern and stick with it throughout all elements of the room (furniture, window treatments, rugs);
  • Don’t use bright colors like reds and oranges unless they coordinate well with darker furniture pieces;
  • Try pairing single colors or slightly muted patterns on flatter textures with modern designs including metals and lighter woods if possible.

Do you already have bedding that’s really comfortable? You can still give your bedroom an instant update with custom bedroom decorating ideas. It takes only minutes to order new pillow covers or accent pillows online AND they’re usually pretty affordable too!

Bedding Ideas for bedroom

Comfortable, Homey, and Lightweight

This bedding concept is all about layering and textiles. Cover a thinner, more delicate material with a thicker, more durable one. Start with a silk or satin that’s lightweight and billowy, then add cozy flannel sheets over the top for warmth during those cold winter months.

Find bedroom bedding in between too hot and too cold by starting out with a cotton coverlet instead of a thick comforter. Just make sure your bedroom decorating ideas aren’t going overboard on any one fabric type because it’ll be harder to transition from season to season this way.

Finally, if you’re looking for a master bedroom design that will go well with your current furniture,  bedroom decorating ideas should be inspired by the colors of your bedroom. Think about adding a pop of color to your bedroom’s neutral palette with blue bedroom bedding, or keep it warm and cozy for those crisp autumn nights with an orange coverlet.

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