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How to choose and use IPL betting apps

IPL league is undoubtedly familiar to all cricket fans. This is where the major battles between the top teams take place, attracting huge numbers of spectators every year. Therefore, it is not strange that one of the main requests of the viewers is the betting apps for IPL.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best app, what’s best to bet on in the IPL, and how to increase your chances of winning.

Which IPL betting app should I choose?

Nowadays, cricket fans can find many different IPL betting apps. Each offers different terms, bonuses and odds. But how to choose the best one?

To help players, there are always review sites that analyze popular bookmakers and make ratings and reviews. One of such ratings is presented here:

Also, you can search for reviews of already existing users of the bookmaker you are interested in. So you can determine the strengths and weaknesses and choose the most convenient application for betting. 

Types of IPL betting in mobile apps

Tournament formats and features of the rules can confuse the bettor, so it is necessary to understand what outcomes are offered for the sport.

  • Bets on the outcome. Players guesses the outcome of the match – which team will win the meeting. A draw result in cricket is impossible (except for tournaments of the first level), so the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or the second team. Experts recommend analyzing head-to-head encounters to decide on a choice. On the competitions of the first level it is possible to bet with double odds, insuring in case of a draw.
  • Betting on totals. IPL matches are long and bookmakers offer a lot of different totals – for example, you can bet on the total number of wounds in a match, or on the total of wounds within a single game segment (at the end of 5 or 10 overs). The totals are offered total or individual – a trader can estimate the performance of each team.
  • Additional bets. Betting players often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In IPL betting apps, you can choose a head-to-head handicap. In test matches, bettors often bet on a zero handicap, insuring their result in case of a possible tie.
  • Special bets. In IPL, there are many non-standard situations, so there are special bets. For example, the bettor can bet on who will be the first to serve in the match (the outcome of the toss). Available bets on the victory in the first inning, as well as separate bets on player statistics – who is recognized as the best pitcher and batter, etc.

IPL betting strategies

For players, IPL betting is beneficial primarily because the odds often do not reflect the real balance of power. A lot of fans make bets on their favorite teams, regardless of the statistics, so over-or underestimated odds for cricket is the norm.

You can bet on mobile on IPL matches in real time, as the odds often vary to one side or the other as the game progresses, and players can make good money on this. Of the popular strategies used by the multipliers are forks – just because of the presence of overvalued odds.

How to correctly bet on IPL from a mobile app?

First of all, experts recommend choosing IPL betting apps that have the ability to bet live. In this situation, you can safely analyze the course of the game, adding bets throughout the match – the duration of the games is on average about 5-6 hours (one-day matches) to 3-4 days (first level competitions).

The IPL is a league where scoops are commonplace, so a player can win a tidy sum with a little understanding of the discipline. However, remember that most of the results are logical, and strong teams often achieve victories.

Players should also focus on the following aspects of the game of cricket:

  • In one-day matches, technique and skill play a key role, and if the match lasts 3-5 days, the stamina of the opponents comes to the fore.
  • Pay plenty of attention to statistics – teams and individual performers may be in different forms at different periods of the season.