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Great Farmhouse Bedding Ideas: Color, Texture and Pattern

Farmhouse bedding is a style that embodies the farm-fresh aesthetic of homey simplicity. A farmhouse bedroom has an inviting, cozy feel to it with its warm colors and textures. Here are some farmhouse bedding ideas for your own bedroom!

Bring In Details That Add Warmth

As farmhouse decor is all about relaxing and unwinding, it’s no surprise that the bedding itself should reflect this too. A crisp white set for farmhouse bedding Ideas can be a real winner if you let your other pieces do the talking

Introduce texture with farmhouse bedding ideas by using natural fibers like cotton or linen. You may even choose to introduce fabric such as burlap (with its unique rustic vibe) – think of it as bringing in small elements of farm life into your bedroom!

Use Pops Of Color

The farmhouse bedding style is earthy, so it’s a great idea to use colors that reflect nature. Use blues or greens as your primary color and add pops of red. Make sure that whatever color you choose is reflected throughout your bedroom by adding small touches here and there such as pillows with matching pillowcases, curtains, lamps, etc.

Of course, farmhouse decor does make exceptions from time to time when it comes to using bolder shades too – beige can still work.

Use Patterns Wisely

One of the reasons why we love farmhouse styles so much is because of their ability to infuse patterns and texture. However, farmhouse decor is still very simplistic and minimalistic. The key to successfully incorporating patterns into farmhouse bedrooms without going overboard is by adding them in small doses – such as a quilt with beautiful color blocks or geometric shapes; an interesting rug; striped curtains or pillows, etc.

Ideas for Farmhouse Bedding

Patterns are another staple element of farmhouse style – whether subtle or bold; monochromatic or multicolored etc., they can be easily incorporated into farmhouse bedroom designs using pillow covers, sheets with matching pillowslips, comforters in geometric shapes/motifs, etc. The main rule about patterns in farmhouses is that they should always follow a visual hierarchy so if one pattern stands out more than others then all other smaller ones.

Texture For Your Bedding

One of the most important aspects of farmhouse bedding is that it’s all about layering which means you can incorporate different textures too. Softer textures are best for spring/summer seasons when you want your bedroom to feel breezy while cozier ones work better during fall/winter months – fluffy blankets, luxurious sheets, plush comforters, etc. When choosing your farmhouse bedding, make sure to pay attention to the pile depth of your rugs and carpets. Shaggy or deep shag material is ideal for farmhouse bedrooms because it feels soft but also adds warmth which is exactly what you need when the temperature outside starts dropping.

A farmhouse bedding set is a wonderful way to add an authentic country feel and flair. Linen, with its lower thread count compared to velvet fabric of the same size, feels more durable but will also wear down over time due simply because it’s not as soft or delicate feeling against your skin when you touch it for even just seconds at first then again after hours on end being touched by others while sleeping near them throughout each night.

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